About Us

DataWerks Limited is a data management company focusing on data for education and education with data. Our passion is to assist schools and districts to streamline operations through data solutions that replace the manual paper-based systems and the stand-alone redundant systems that typically evolve over the years.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, DataWerks Limited is committed to building on our experience in the education community to deliver products that enhance the business of education – helping both students and staff. Led by CEO, Todd Stark, a former educator, technology coordinator and now lead developer, DataWerks has the capacity to fully understand and meet the data needs in schools. Our team has the breadth and depth in education and technology to develop systems that meet the needs of schools. Our goal is to help organizations spend less time managing the data and more time using the data for instructional decision making and organizational improvements.


DataWerks products are built using FileMaker® which allows for rapid development and deployment and lower overall system costs.









  Why DataWerks?    

K-12 Education Experience
Feature-Rich Quality Products
Systems Integration Focused
User-friendly Systems
Quick Product Deployment
Responsive Technical Support


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