K-12 Data Analysis Professional Development

DataWerks is not only a software development company focused at providing data management solutions for K-12 but a company that is passionate about the maximum utilization of the data to facilitate instructional improvement and operational efficiencies.

All products include training but extended training sessions are available upon request.

For training on extensive testing data analysis, DataWerks offers the following professional development modules:

  • Hands-On On-Site Professional Development Coaching Session - Trainers will work one on one with participants to work on specific features, functionality, concepts, or report building. The Coaching sessions are designed to allow the trainers to help and hone the skills of the participants in an individualized environment. Sessions will accommodate the needs of the participant. Focus of the sessions can be by grade level, one on one, or data reporting need.

 Why DataWerks Services?

Experienced staff trainers
Passionate about education
Focused on school needs



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