Salary Management

manages the complexities of salary administration from the establishment of salary schedules to the year-end salary adjustments for all the employees. Tools for analyzing salaries and rolling over schedules and salaries from year to year simplify the tedious tasks of salary administration. PeopleWerks features include:
  • Salary Forecasting (click to enlarge)
    Salary Schedule Administration – setting up salary schedules with steps and indexes and linking them to job classifications and unions
  • Base Pay Management – establishing base pay amounts for applying set increases
  • Salary Reporting – showing detail and summary reports for employees at each salary step
  • Salary Schedules Management (click to enlarge)
    Future year projections – a powerful tool for what-if analyses on future year salaries
  • Batch Salary Adjustments – providing a one-step process for updating salaries
  • Contract Management – generating employment contracts in batch mode easily and quickly




“What a time-saver at year-end to be able to automatically adjust salaries in batch mode and send out contract letters automatically!”

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