Personnel Management

With PeopleWerks™
, all personnel information is centrally managed, eliminating redundancies and errors in important personnel data, while allowing for easy access by the people who need it most. Personnel management information is integrated with payroll and benefits, contracts administration, performance evaluations, and more all within the same system. With user-friendly built-in search and reporting tools, information is available for quick analysis and decision making.

Tracking all the personnel data and being able to use it effectively is the focus of PeopleWerks. It offers valuable features including:
  • Employee Record (click to enlarge)
    Employee Tracking – Maintaining a complete employee record with contact information, demographics, employee assignments, status changes, assets and more.
  • Licensure Tracking – Keeping licensure, education, and achievement information.
  • Volunteer Tracking – Allowing the centralization and tracking of volunteers the same way as employees while maintaining the data separate.
  • Electronic File Cabinet – Providing organization electronically for storing personnel documents, linked directly to an employee’s record.
  • Position Management – Facilitating the staffing process by easily managing transfers and tracking open, filled, on-hold, and eliminated positions.
  • Employee Directory (click to enlarge)
    Electronic Directory - Containing addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, employee photos, and birthdays with easy search and print capabilities.
  • Employee Self Service - Allowing for employee access to their entire record and providing update capability for contact and health information.
  • E-mail Notifications – Keeping staff members in the loop for changes in personnel status.

“Wow, I can get rid of all my spreadsheets and just enter all my personnel information only once in one central place.”

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