PeopleWerks™ - Human Resource Management

PeopleWerks is a comprehensive Human Resource Management software solution developed for schools. Managing the positions and the staff that fills those positions is the focus of PeopleWerks. From the time an employee is hired until they leave the organization, PeopleWerks manages every aspect of their employment. Organizing employee information in one data warehouse and providing powerful search capability helps drive organizational efficiency. PeopleWerks simplifies –

Communication is also key in any Human Resource Management system. PeopleWerks provides the tools you need to make notifications and reporting easy -
  • Built-in e-mail notification system
  • Letter writer for individual and batch communication modes
  • Workflow management
  • Standardized and user-defined reports
  • Exports to Excel
Data integrity and security is important with HR systems. PeopleWerks is built with –
  • User based permissions
  • Internal audit system to track all changes by user



  Why PeopleWerks?    

Comprehensive HR solution
Easy employee search tools
Time-saving letter generation
Quick batch communications
Automated email notifications
Useful electronic file cabinet
Efficient year-end process
Unique purchase model

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