Data Analysis and Communication

includes many ways to work with HR data to analyze, report and communicate information to staff members throughout the organization.
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    Historical data analysis – Create and manage employee service records each year to be able to analyze historical staffing trends.
  • Reporting – Along with a standard set of reports is the capability to save variations of the reports that can be shared with others. These reports can be saved with pre-selected data to make it easier for future access. Custom reports can also be built by selecting the fields and data needed. Reports can be printed or exported to Excel.
  • Worksheets – When a large amount of data must be analyzed and updated quickly, PeopleWerks provides spreadsheet-style worksheets for users to view and edit data quickly and easily.
  • Correspondence – Creating letters, contracts, notices, and announcements to groups of employees can be time consuming, but PeopleWerks simplifies this process and gives flexibility for allowing customized letterhead, graphically scanned signatures and more.
  • System Notifications - Communicate changes easily and automatically through e-mail when employees change positions, addresses, statuses, salary and much more. Each notification is logged in a task list for each user so that they can refer to the notice as they are going about their daily work.

“Communication is so much easier … being able to set up custom letters with data from the system and send them out all electronically is so quick and easy with no extra mail merge steps!”

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