Benefits Tracking

tracks employee benefits including health, life, vision, and dental insurance; retirement plans; and vacation, sick and personal days. Employee benefit costs, both to the employee and to the organization are maintained for easy reporting and analysis. Features include -
  • Employee Benefits Tracking (click to enlarge)
    Benefits Eligibility Tracking – allows employees to be assigned to a benefit class for automating their eligibility statuses for the various benefits.
  • Employee Benefit Election – tracks current and past election history and costs.
  • Benefit Plan Management – manages plan details for all benefit areas.
  • Benefit Analysis and Reporting – offers tools for evaluating benefit elections and costs
  • Employee Leave Tracking – provides electronic short and long term leave request, administrator approval, and actual leave time accounting.




“Keeping track of all the employee benefit elections and analyzing the costs to the employees as well as the district is so much easier now!”

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